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The Power of Pause

Posted on June 17, 2015 at 9:40 AM

Many times throughout my day I find myself pausing in the middle of a task or in the middle of a thought. But, is this a productive thing to do or is this pause causing detriment. Good question huh? People seem to have differing thoughts on this conundrum.  If you want my opinion, here it is. I think that a pause is a powerful instrument when used correctly, at the right time and with the right time length. For instance, pausing when you feel your mind begin to worry about something may prevent you from letting that worry take over your mind. When you pause you give your mind time to realign. When your mind has time to realign (reset) it can clear the clutter and let you focus on what is really "important". You have a chance to get a clear picture of the details without the dirt and clutter that doubts can create. At that point you are better able to leave the focus stage and begin taking the proper and alignable action needed and to immediately tackle the true and important issue at hand. Throwing thoughts in their correct bins of life will help you to focus on one area at a time. This keeps you from greater worries!

In contrast however, a pause at the wrong time and for too long could cause you to lose things of great value. To stop in the middle of momentum can push you back farther than you ever imagined. Most times this is the pause caused by fear. Be sure that your pause is meant to reset your mind, not to calm fear. Test the pause by asking yourself if the pause came from the deep gut feeling of fear or the slow thoughts of the mind.

There is power in pause!

From the desk of Charise Lindsey, Strategic Life Coach

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