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The Spots that Stop Us

Posted on April 4, 2016 at 11:35 AM

Hello everyone! Today, I would like to talk about the topic of blind spots. Blind spots are those parts of ourselves that we are not fully conscious of that include our habits, thoughts, values, feelings, unseen traits etc. Most times, they are the causes that keep us from reaching our highest level of potential or reaching set goals in our families or in our organizations. Blind spots stop us from getting what we want. They can keep us from owning a home, graduating with a degree in the field we want or desire to be in, getting a promotion or finding the right person that could one day be our spouses.

So where did the term "blind spot" come from? Whenever light meets your eyes it enters through the pupils and then shines onto your retina. Inside your retina are photoreceptors. Photoreceptors are nerve cells that interpret light and trasmit the information to the brain. That's how you see. Everyone has a small area on their retina where there are no photoreceptors. This is what is called the "blind spot". What happens is that your brain estimates what should be in that area that is missingn and gives you a vision of what you see. The problem is that this is not an accurate reflection o what is reality. It may look to be right on the surface but it's really not. This is the concept of what we coaches call the blind spot of development.

The person that I am today is quite different than the young girl of my past. My blind spot discovery came when I kept being referred to as bossy and domineering. Of course, I didn't see what they were talking about because I could not see that blind spot. Since I have come to understand the concept and have commited myself to working with a personal coach to help in my development, I have overcome this obstacle as well as many other obstacles. I am now well on my way to helping others do the same.

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Charise Lindsey

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