Personal & Professional Development and Continuing Education

Lifeseeds LLC 

"Cultivating Greatness One Seed At A Time"


Strategic Life Coaching

Personal Development

Life coaching helps to identify solutions to problems, identify strengths, recognize behavior patterns, and increases confidence to reach goals. We provide our clients with a support network to lean on while working towards their goals. We maintain an online portal for you to track your progress.

Career Development 

Professional Development

Our Signature Program "Purpose, Position and Power" prepares you as a high potential leader. It places you in position to shoot for your dream job by arming you with the skills needed for today's leaders through action learning, personal development, professional development and strategy coaching. 
Our career development programs include career leadership, career options and career advancement. 

Empowered University

Pre-leadership Program

Our signature LeadN90 is a 90 day development program designed to help new and aspiring leaders to increase their confidence and motivation to lead by supplying them with an in-depth  analysis of their lifeseeds and ongoing coaching. We use the GROW coaching framework in our delivery, as well as, an individualized personal development plan for progress tracking. 

Motivational Speaking

Speaking Engagements

We use the power of words to share our message that 
every individual is born with lifeseeds (a unique set of talents, strengths, abilities and dreams) that are given to them at birth to accomplish the tasks and to reach the goals set in their minds in relation to their purpose in life.   

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